One-on-one meetings are crucial for promoting a healthy company culture, but do the participants truly recognize their value?
The theory says these meetings provide an excellent opportunity for managers and employees to improve communication, reduce conflicts, and increase job satisfaction and motivation. The reality shows that one-on-one effectiveness relies heavily on human interactions, making success unpredictable.

During the session, we'll explore effective practices to help answer questions such as:
What makes one-on-one meetings effective for managers and what for engineers?
How can we effectively communicate with silent individuals during these meetings?
Should we establish an agenda for the meeting or not?
Should personal matters be discussed during those sections?

This talk is a must-attend if you want to improve your team management skills or gain insight into how one-on-one meetings can contribute to your professional development.


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Speriamo di riuscire a portare il 1:1 in azienda! Grazie.

Marco Arduini at 12:25 on 16 Jun 2023

Giulia was brilliant, interesting soft skills introduction!

Enlighting and interrsting

Ivan Belluco at 13:03 on 16 Jun 2023

Great talk, not about coding but very important for developers nonetheless

Good overview of the benefits & some precise, actionable tips