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I really enjoyed attending the group last night. I knew git going into the meeting and have taken a look at git flow before but mainly adopted my own strategies, however after seeing John's workflow I've decided to give the git flow tools another shot.

I was happy to be in the group and was able to help the discussion quite a bit, and even had some good debates with a few other members, at one point even going on a rant, heh. All in all good discussion, good space, good pizza, good group of people.

Thank you to Autofusion, our host for the evening, and Lonnie from the Jabob Group for sponsoring our pizza.

This is a dynamic group with people who aren't shy to speak up and offer useful, solid information. I appreciate the way John is managing with an "open source" approach, allowing free-form discussion which has proven to be valuable for seemingly everyone attending.

I would call this group an accelerated learning experience. I'm glad I signed up.

One last thing: I have to thank Autofusion for the comfortable meeting space and the free sodas, and our sponsors for the delicious pizza.

I would say if you are reading this and you have not attended yet -- or only attended the first meeting -- you need to seriously re-check this group out.

Great talk and great conversations. Honestly hadn't given Git Flow much thought but after seeing John's presentation the workflow now makes a lot more sense than before. Great examples and tons of information