Automated testing; we all know we should do it, but not everybody knows how to do it well. It can be hard to get started with, and getting it wrong actually makes testing harder!

There are so many questions for beginners: - Should you aim for 100% code-coverage? - Should you test getter and setter methods? - Where does a unit test end and an integration test begin? - What is a mock (or a fake, or a spy, or a stub)? - Why bother with unit tests when you can cover everything E2E?

Having worked in several teams spanning the entire spectrum of awful-to-excellent testing, I want to show you some simple steps that will get you up to the realms of 'top-notch' straight away.

In this session we'll take a look at an example application and see how to develop new features which are tested appropriately. We'll introduce new concepts clearly and with examples, and we'll look at how to improve existing tests when an organisation gets it wrong.

No existing testing knowledge will be required to be able to understand this presentation, but you'll leave the room feeling like an expert.


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