Talk comments

Daniel at 07:43 on 10 Jun 2016

Etwas viel XML gewusel, dennoch gut die Probleme verdeutlich JSON / YAML vs XML

Die Standard schreibweise in Symfony für services wäre lowercase. intern wird alles auch entsprechend konvertiert sollte für service auch unter shopware so definiert werden. Die IDE gibt dazu auch warning raus.

SwagRedis.RedisProductService -> swag_redis.redis_product_service

Although I'm not a frontend dev, I gave all the ideas to my collegues. Thanks!

I love this talk. I finally understand how neural networks work.

Roman at 15:13 on 23 May 2016

Good talk, thank you! But the room was much to full.
Next time this should be set on the main stage. :)

Roman at 15:08 on 23 May 2016

Guter Überblick, nur die Strobo-Show im Saal war anfangs etwas verwirrend. :)

Jens Brunken at 12:21 on 23 May 2016

an interesting concept for the new plugin system in shopware

Patrick Blom at 23:30 on 20 May 2016

Cool talk with detailed Tipps to handle a realistic load test with jmeter.

Patrick Blom at 23:26 on 20 May 2016

Good talk, with interesting details over the new upcoming plugin system.

Patrick Blom at 23:24 on 20 May 2016

Great talk with nice Liveexamples. It shows the benefits of Docker in comparison of vagrant in a very good way.