Lightning Talk


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The talk is not even done yet but so far I cannot see how this will be any less than 5 stars. Completely funny as hell and well. How many times did you have to practice this? Incredible :)

Hilarious! Great slides and good comic relief.

Awesome. Great slides, even better delivery. Would happily go see this again, even before it makes it into the dollar theaters.

Wow! Any Conf Organizer, from one organizer to another: If Jeremy asks to do a lightening talk for your conference, just say yes. Seriously, it was awesome. If you want to help warm up a crowd, he'll do an awesome job.

Thanks Jeremy, that was epic. 6 thumbs up.

A great bout of comic relief. Funny, unexpected, and didn't go on for too long. More conferences should have something like this. My only suggestion would be to move it more towards the middle of the conference as a true 'break' instead of having it right at the end.

This was awesome!