Access Control Models: Controlling Resource Authorization


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Eli White at 14:54 on 14 Jan 2016

Good talk on the various types & models of access control. Learned a lot about the terminology. Wish that it would have had some more actual details on code (even pseudocode) of how this gets handled/or should be. And would have been good to really go into the reasons of why you'd want to do each in more depth.

Really enjoyed the talk. As noted in person, I would have enjoyed more of an intro at the start of the talk, and a few code examples would have been great. However, overall I felt like I learned lots and this will be helpful for my day to day work!

Blake Johnson at 06:41 on 15 Jan 2016

Loads of information.

I loved this presentation! Mark presented the topic from an angle I've never considered or heard of. Most times speakers focus on the implementation steps such as salting and hashing. Great job!

Kyle Klein at 09:04 on 16 Jan 2016

I liked the various different strategies covered and the pros and cons about each.

I would have liked to hear about some frameworks/libraries/tools that could help with implementing the strategies presented.