Doctrine ORM - What's this then?


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I'm going to using Doctrine ORM for the first time this month, and this was a perfect introduction to help me get started. I'm sure I will be referring to the slides later. Was packed with detailed info and real world examples.

Tom Anderson at 22:21 on 14 Jan 2016

Good stuff. I would have preferred a Skipper ( diagram to annotations for a more visual representation of what the entities were defining.

p.s. let Doctrine name your tables the same as your entities (with optional suffixes for multiple namespaces in a object manager) so you have a canonical name for the Entity and Table. User != users

Blake Johnson at 06:48 on 15 Jan 2016

Loved it. Lively and fun.

Really great presentation. It was fast-paced (maybe a bit too fast) and a great deep dive into Doctrine.Speaker was entertaining and knowledgable. Great job!

Nice introduction to Doctrine ORM. Very fast paced because of limited time.
Really enjoyed all the energy from Margaret.

Derek Caswell at 19:56 on 19 Jan 2016

Margaret does a great job at introducing Doctrine and describing the benefits of using it. I was looking for something to give me an idea of how Doctrine works and that is exactly what I got. The only feedback I would give would be to slow down a little. Maybe the speed was intentional to try to get as much info in as possible but it was a little excessive to me. I would also say that it would be good to get more familiar with the different ways that Doctrine can be used so you are better prepared when people ask about ways to do things that you haven't tried to do. Very good presentation though.