Modern PHP Standards and Community


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Started off with some basics but then went on a good drive into standards and community. Really good to hear about Ben's experience with the community.

Kyle Waters at 10:46 on 14 Jan 2016

Very useful. Loved the parts about new features such as ?? and traits. Inclusion of FIG was also good idea.

Tom Anderson at 11:02 on 14 Jan 2016

A very good overview of the PHP community. Enjoyed FIG & PSR standards although Ben was not opinionated about the opinionated approach of the PSR. ZF2 was prominently missing from the list of frameworks.

Blake Johnson at 11:06 on 14 Jan 2016


A solid beginner level talk. Love the mix of various topics.

In a sense, this felt like two different unrelated talks, first about PHP standards and the rest about PHP community resources. But both parts were great, exactly as advertised, and relevant to a beginner audience. As the first session of the day, it was a nice way to ease into the conference.

Very good quick overview on technologies I've missed being out of the PHP game for the last 7 years! Strong voice and confident presentation. Great work!

Eric Seyden at 13:18 on 18 Jan 2016

Great coverage of the state of modern PHP development.
Enjoying the podcasts and links to the community resources.
Reminds me I should lurk in irc more often.

Derek Caswell at 19:07 on 19 Jan 2016

This was a great presentation if you are looking for a very broad surface level list of different tools and standards that have become available over the last couple of years. It has definitely encouraged me to look deeper into many of the tools that he brought up. I did think, however, that the presentation lacked very much depth. The code examples that were supposed to bring "in depth, real world examples" seemed very basic and didn't really seem to be from any kind of real world example. The description also says, "Learn how to structure and maintain a modern day PHP project using the latest standards." I didn't really feel like much of a structure was introduced.