What to Expect When You're Expecting: PHP 7


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Excellent talk, great technical knowledge of subject and great insights.

Tom Anderson at 13:03 on 14 Jan 2016

Davey jumps topics very fast while he covers the whole of his presentation. Stay on the tip of your toes and you'll learn something.

Very lively presentation of highly technical topics. Hearing about internal design decisions was interesting; the most helpful bits were practical insights on how the changes will affect day to day coding work.

Enjoyed this talk. David is on top of all changes and new features in PHP 7.

Derek Caswell at 19:11 on 19 Jan 2016

Excellent talk!! It was obvious that Davey knew the subject matter very well and he presented it in a way that was very useful in preparing for PHP 7. He did a great job in presenting a lot of subject matter in a very short amount of time.