Talk comments

Great talk. Would love to see more details and examples. For example, the charts pdepend generates aren't the easiest to understand.

Great talk. Maybe you could convert this talk to a small workshop where you could focus a bit more on the QA tools. Anyone that works on a legacy code will understand everything that you mentioned on this talk.

Anonymous at 05:23 on 16 Jan 2015

great talk and very informative, saved me days on researching

Thank you for the talk. It was very informative.
great job.
Ted Z.

Another informative presentation, knowledge for php developers of any level to appreciate, Thanks !

Great talk Adam. Focusing on getting new functionality up and running first then refactoring to improve code quality is a common practice for many of us who are already familiar with object oriented design principles. What about the folks who are not already using solid OOP design principles? Your talk is already pretty packed but it might be worth pointing people to some OOP resources like Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, Third Edition by Grady Booch et al. and Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design by Brett McLaughlin et al. Just a thought.

Another excellent topic that definitely could use an entire day to cover but you delivered an informative top down overview covering quite a bit that helps to point me in the right direction to make sure my code will measure up! Can't wait to catch them Z-Ray blogs!