Unit Testing


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Very good. Looking forward to the recorded version.

Knowledgable speaker. Helpful talk.

Great talk, very helpful. The speaker is really good and knowledgeable. He give as in depth examples how to write the tests.

Super knowledgeable speaker. He was able to answer some questions that helped me solve some puzzling problems at work.

Awesome talk, not for the faint of heart. It contains a lot of information, so you better be paying attention.

Great content and breakdown of unit testing with PHPUnit! I specially liked that you covered mocks. I've seen a few other talks about unit testing where the speaker didn't want to cover or talk about mocks because it can be too complicated to do so. Your format with the code in different tags in Git, worked great for this.

Only detractor is that on a long presentation room like we had today, you may want to setup your editor & terminal with a larger font . Also, no blue links with a blue background ;)

One of the best talks on unit testing I've heard. Loved the live coding, and even altering code to enhance answers to questions. Speaker has a high level of skill and knowledge in the area. Optimizing font size in code, and color of code for dark background would help visibly, and alter link color in slides to prevent blending with background. Also might do mock DB creation a bit differently for attendee comprehension.