Foundations of Zend Framework 2


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Very good introduction to ZF2, specially the part about models. For next presentation I would talk about gitignore in config/autoload & the difference between .global.php & .local.php

Definitely could be expanded to a workshop

Good job, especially for a first time giving the talk. It started of a bit slow for me since a lot of time was spent talking about git and composer, though I understand why you did that, but probably took more time than intended. I liked that you showed the restful example. You managed to show off a fair amount of functionality in a short time. I would like to see this talk again after it's been polished a bit.

Very interesting presentation even for someone who is not too familiar with PHP and its frameworks.

Hey Adam, the talk was great, as much as I would like to pick it apart and give some positive criticism I cannot find anything bad to say. Your grasp of php and zend framework amazes me, you answer questions intelligently and really cleared up a lot of the questions I had about zend framework 2 that were holding me back. Thanks Dude!

Good explanation on the difference between the vendor and module directories. Good overview of namespaces and nice tip/reminder on how to create a namespace for a library without a namespace (by adding a slash). I like that you started teaching ZF2 by using a Model in your approach, good starting point for new people. The slide about the types of services was very helpful to see.

Great talk!!! You really helped me over my learning curve. I will start incorporating ZF2 in my projects now. The talk was a bit longer than I had hoped by it was jam packed with information that I thought was more beneficial and suited the crowd perfectly. You really know how to keep the audience engaged. Only text is hard to see from the back of the room, since it was part of the live demo it was very helpful that you were able to highlight it for better readability.