Extremely defensive PHP


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This talk will raise quite a few eyebrows, but it will definitely make you help your future self. Marco executes it in a fun way and takes precaution not to hurt your feelings (too much).

Anonymous at 17:54 on 30 May 2015

Don't have preferences towards speakers who throw a bit of hate and consider it cool. But some nice hints

Pivetta had an energetic presentation and had practical examples that were hard to argue against.

Marco is a great presenter.

Marco is right. His advice is hard to like. It's extreme and it's not always easy to follow.

That said, all the points he made have a good reason behind them, and are probably a good goal to strive for.

I enjoyed his energy on the stage and his talk was fun to watch.

I follow Marco's blog, open-source contributions, social networks activity and I agree with and support most of his attitudes and views of things. That is why I already knew much of concepts and things that were presented here, but I never had a chance to hear in the form of a nicely thought talk.

I really liked points and advices on optional dependencies, logic switch parameters, mixed params/return values, value objects.

Marco is obviously a great presenter and he really nailed it with this talk which IMHO was the best one on this conference. This is how a conference talk should look like.

While I do like rant-oriented talks, and appreciate the entertainment value of a well-placed rant-ish joke in a talk, I also like this to be balanced with enough proper, practical advice: while the form of this talk was near-perfect, and while Marco definitely gave some very valuable advice, at times that advice lacked substance and clarity.

I believe Marco can pull out much better examples, and much more concrete, actionable advice from his rich experience -- I definitely wouldn't mind him making less points throughout the talk, but with more rationale behind each of those.

Good talk. I can't say I agree with all of presenter points, but this talk makes you think about what you know and about what you think you know, which is often more efficient way of teaching then spoon feeding the facts.

Anonymous at 09:15 on 1 Jun 2015

Damn, this elf wizard is awesome!

Anonymous at 09:26 on 1 Jun 2015

An "uncomfortable" talk as the presenter gives (valid) opinions about our code and what we usually do wrong. I liked the introduction of defensive driving at the very beginning as it gave a real-world, non-programming parallel to the advices Marco gave in his talk.

Marco is one of my favorite speakers since PHPDay 2015. Other speakers can learn from him how to present, keep attention, and send important messages to audience.

Who didn't listen to his talk, can also learn from his slides too. Marco is someone you want on your conference, as a speaker and as a listener. He ask a lot, and he ask smart. 5+

Even if you do not agree with him, he will make you think.

Great talk that leaves a strong impression. Most ideas are unarguably valid and useful, while some of them are a bit controversial (about setter methods, classes final by default) and I can't agree with them immediately, but those are the things that make you think and research more. Thanks for the slides!

Anonymous at 02:08 on 20 Aug 2015

"Avoid Logic Switch Parameters".

No. I refuse. I like logic switch parameters. They avoid the kind of hell you're wishing to put me into. I don't want to write two or more versions of the SAME EXACT FUNCTION that does only ONE THING differently. What you're recommending is that I abuse myself when I want to make a change to that function. It should only be one, not many. I don't want to make that fix any more than once.