Getting started with Dependency Injection


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Speaker covered all the aspects and approaches. Great analogy and transfer from Pimple to Symfony container, nicely done. Would like to see a little bit more energy in your voice.

Nice overview of DI concepts along with an overview of available containers. I had a pretty good knowledge of the subject beforehand but it was still nice to hear it presented well.

Rob is very comfortable teaching the subject and transfers his knowledge efficiently.

I already knew much about the matter of this presentation which I encounter and apply on a everyday work, but I still really enjoyed Rob's talk and the manner in which he explains stuff.

Speaker provided a very clean clarification of a DI concept. Nice overview and comparison of various DI container solutions. I find this presentation very useful for novice developers and beginners.

A great talk. I really like the tonality and the casual approach by Rob Allen, makes everything more understandable.

Everything that was important about the Dependancy Injection was said here.

I found this to be an excellent, gentle introduction to Dependency Injection. The concepts were presented unpretentiously, and introduced very carefully. I'd wholeheartedly recommend this talk as an introductory tutorial for anyone starting out with DI.

Great talk. Covered all the concepts and gave some implementation examples.

Anonymous at 09:13 on 1 Jun 2015

Anonymous at 09:28 on 1 Jun 2015

Nice intro talk to DI, covered pretty much all about the topic. Liked the examples how it was done in the past, the downsides of it, and how it should be done. Advices from the presenter's real-life work were an added bonus!

Great communication with the audience during the talk.

Alen explained all important use cases and terms. He showed important difference between IoC container and Service Locator. For juniors and beginners in unit testing this was very important topic and Alan covered all important parts.

Simply great.