Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4


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This was the best talk of the conference so far. I really enjoyed the style and pace of presentation.

Paul, I love your animated and passionate presentation style. Your viewpoints and ways of explaining things are often helpful in me formulating my opinions and clarifying certain topics.

Great talk Paul!

This was a great overview of dependency injection, why it matters, and how to do it effectively. Paul is a great speaker and did an excellent job with what can be a complex subject.

Paul Jones sat with me after the talk and explained me the architecture of the console component in Aura, we talked about Symfony console component and zend framework console implementation and a comparative architecture. I understood very clear what is the difference between a service locator and dependency injection. Paul was probably the best speaker of the conference imo and eager to teach and communicate well to the community.

One of the best talks!

As Paul knows I'm a huge fan of his style and substance. This talk had a lot of meat on the bone with examples that didn't overwhelm but got the point across. This talk has inspired me more than some others to start physically segregating my modules. I'm now a bit more interested in trying auto components as well since many will now work in php 5.3.

Excellent job - Paul is a fantastic communicator. Great overview of Aura - though - I'm not entirely convinced yet on how or why I would architect anything in my own architecture to have no external dependencies; because of that reason (I was hoping to be fully convinced, not just presented why Solar/Aura did it....) I will rate a 4. Otherwise it was a 5 - again, a great talk by Paul. I'm a new fan! :)

Great talk, Paul! I think that more people need to be talking about this. You did a great job of walking the line between information and straight up selling Aura. You also inspired me to actually create my first tiny Aura project after sitting on the fence for almost a year. :)