Managing Dependencies with Composer


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it was a good talk although it was a repetition to some degree of the conference talk proper. Compose is a huge topic and i guess time constraints also cut off the full contents of the slides. Positive thing is that concepts were nailed further deep. Negative thing is other topics on the time were sacrificed for the repetition. Speaker has full mastery of the subject and gave a practical presentation on how to do dependencies the right way. Wished I had hear this talk 2 years ago.

I really respect beau and his knowledge of the subject. he was great at answering questions. Would have liked to hear more about satis and other day to day things like the difference between update and install, --dev etc. however I did leave with a better understand of how composer auto loading and psr0 psr4 etc.

This seemed to go pretty deeply into autoloading and psrs, where I suppose I was expecting to hear about how this replaces PEAR. All PEAR does for me is add a package to my Apache install. I didn't really come away with any info on how Composer replaces that or how to use it. I don't know anything about Composer, so perhaps I misunderstood what it does.

Great information. A bit long for the time allotted.