Modern PHP


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Comprehensive walk through the changes in how PHP development has changed. Nice slides giving me elephant envy! The talk was a little repetitive of the keynote delivered just prior but still very solid.

This talk was a review of how modern php came about. Informative and entertaining, however, lacking real usable takeaways. Suffered from following a keynote of a related topic.

I joined in expecting a talk about modern php but the history seemed to take up more then half the time. It helped that Ben speaks well, but I would have been happier with a higher percent of the talk relating to modern php.

As others have said, the talk repeated a fair amount of information mentioned in the keynote(s). The historical tack was nice and presentation quality was good, but the high amount of duplicate content meant that I didn't feel my time was as well spent.

The talk was more about the history of PHH then Modern PHP as most of the talk was about the history and left very little time on actual modern PHP. I think that the keynote may have lessoned its impact as it felt very much like review on something I just had a talk on. Ben did a great job with his talk it was just a little off from what I was excepting from the title and description.

Damn, this is the class I needed/wanted to attend. Unfortunately I was sick. Sigh.

Will enjoy the slides, thanks for posting.