MySQL HA, Recovery and Load Balancing


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Good patterns for HA, Disaster Recovery, and Load Balancing with MySQL. Dedicating 10-15 minutes to a product that's not production ready was a bold choice, but offers an insight into the efforts we should go to when implementing our systems to make sure things are working the way we want (and expect) them to.

Anonymous at 15:45 on 8 Feb 2014

Good talk. The information about Percona was very much needed.

Was great to hear about Davey's testing to avoid retracing those same steps on my own, including "the new hawtness" Percona Cluster.

I really enjoy this talk awesome !!! Thanks

Great talk with just what you would expect, very helpful and clear presented in a pedagogic and good way. It surely shows that Davey knows what he is talking about.

Good stuff! I work at a hosting company and deal with this stuff on an almost daily basis. I still managed to learn a couple of neat tricks.

Anonymous at 18:17 on 15 Feb 2014