UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit


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Anonymous at 15:24 on 8 Feb 2014

Really useful in depth talk about selenium IDE and integration with phpUnit. Interesting presentation of ideas.

Anonymous at 15:40 on 8 Feb 2014

Ie testing is so important because developers are using Windows less and less
. Sadly, the users are still using it with IE. Thanks for addressing this. You do need windows computers to test this stuff. Thanks for this talk.

Anonymous at 15:40 on 8 Feb 2014

Wish he would have spoke louder

Great talk, a lot of useful information.

The best talk I saw at the conference.

I got the feeling everyone in the audience was learning something new, the whole time. I sure learned a lot. Excellent use of time & pacing, lots of Q&A throughout the talk. This made for a very friendly & welcoming environment. Very well done!

To anon, who said the sound was too low, there was a problem with the PA in that room. I blame the AV company for that.

Definitely helped bridge the gaps in my knowledge on this subject. Thank you mike for answering my questions!

Great information and Michaelangelo's knowledge of both the direct subject matter and related information was very helpful. I feel like he was very quiet, and at times there was much less energy than I feel the material required to keep people with him. I appreciated that the code slides called out specific lines in larger, bold text for the entire room to see.

There was certain slides I could not see in the back, but it didn't ruin the great content of the talk. I did learn a lot - Even though some of it was not great news... Windows box :(

Also: The volume was indeed a bit quiet in the back but I don't blame Michelangelo for that. Could maybe have used a bit more energy as the talk was after lunch - and the room was hot - I had problems staying awake, but the content made me stay the entire session, spot on! :)