Using Github for more than code


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Liz is both entertaining and informative as a speaker. If I had any criticism of this talk, it would be that there were not enough octocats. :p

A very creative and useful presentation on alternative uses for GitHub. Liz is an excellent speaker; she's very engaging and informative!

This opened my eyes to the possibilities of using GitHub for project management and discussion about more than just code. I'm a big fan of reducing the number of tools that you have to deal with, and Liz gave a compelling case for standardizing on GitHub.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem iS a nail. But GitHub is an awesome hammer to have.

Liz is always an amazing and enthusiastic speaker, and this session was no exception.

Good talk, and enjoyed the ideas. I agree with Sean that you can go too far and you should not keep your eggs all in one basket.


To me it was a good inspiration to continue to work on Gush and new commands for uses like this. Very entertaining however i would have like it to be more technical as well even if it does not have to do with code.

I liked hearing about the crazy way folks at github run their business and the parts where people were using repos for their own projects was very entertaining. But I will admit that I was not sold on the concept of using repos for things like legal and other business departments. If we want the biz types to use github will need more ammunition on selling them than a few videos as they are already overwhelmed with tools.

Great to see that GitHub is eating its own dogfood. Proves that the tools they build are really good.

I also love the speaking skills that Elizabeth brings to the table: very engaging, without being too "in your face". I love the humor in the talk and the fact that Elizabeth consistently behaves like a caring older sister.

Loved it!