Workshop: Improving QA and PHP Development Projects


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As always, Michelangelo delivers the best overview of QA in php and why it's important. The *only* gripe is that I wish he performed more of a "workshop" style, interactive talk where the attendees actually installed/configured the QA tools and get more comfortable with them.

I really enjoyed the content of this tutorial. Everything that I needed. Great tools provided and code snippets to get everything together.

I only wish there was a hands-on portion, or at the very least a "follow along with the github code" that was provided, considering that this was a 3 hour tutorial. I really expected a more interactive experience rather than an information dump.

Anonymous at 09:06 on 7 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 09:06 on 7 Feb 2014

Very good job. Probably some ready-to-go code on github would help who's reviewing the slides

Thanks for the engaging talk. Lots to take away and review.

Thanks for the engaging talk. Lots to take away and review.

Anonymous at 14:42 on 8 Feb 2014

Liked the talk and content. Could have been more interactive, workshop style as there was lots of time.

As others have said, a more hands-on/code-oriented section would be nice. Otherwise, good presentation.

There was plenty of good material covered, and I found Michelangelo very easy to understand. I think this workshop would benefit from more interactive examples in the future, though, whether it's him demonstrating these tools running on different sets of example code or having attendees install the tools themselves and try things out. The talk finished early, so there would have been plenty of time for this.