Action Domain Responder A Refinement of MVC


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This was a great talk. ADR has arrived and Paul presented this in a really engaging way. This topic deserves a full presentation and not just an uncon. The types of presentations that shift the way you think about what you're producing are just fantastic.

Definitions matter, and this talk really clarified for me why MVC as we know it today is not useful as a way to describe an architecture. Going to start applying adr principles to my code now that I've grokked it a bit more.

First time hearing Paul Jones speak, and now I understand why I see his name on so many conference rosters. Paul literally got me thinking about the request-response cycle in a whole new way as he gave the talk.

Great talk, very useful content and great speaker

It was great to catch up on the latest thought on ADR & most of my questions were answered regarding how to deal with the request & error responses.

Hey man awesome talk i really share a lot of concepts, the problem now is can't stop thinking about ADR now :( i would love to contrib.