Advanced Adventures In Git


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Great tips for people already using git to gain more advances knowledge of how to be more productive with git

I enjoyed the ability to help guide the talk in the choose your adventure style, it really helped to get to the interesting bits. Still git can be kind of dry so I commend the effort. It was good to see things like bisect and cherry pick covered.

This was presented in a pick your own adventure style. There wasn't alot of depth given to each topic but alot was touched on. Great presenter too.

Great talk. I've been using git for years and I still learned new things. And I got a refresh on things I know, but don't really use.

I liked the choose your own adventure style.

Lorna is a seasoned speaker which is evident in her presentation. Her energy is engaging and her passion is obvious. The presentation touched on a few subjects that I don't use often so it served as a great reminder of what's available. The only thing that could have made this better is if she gave away free cookies. Mmmm, cookies.

Great interactive talk showing how to use GIT in day to day development situations.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 7 Feb 2015

Wonderful speaking skills! I really enjoyed this talk. Most of it was review to me, but git atttributes was a great gem. I'd love a followup along the lines of "you think you know everything about Git".

The way she structured the talk was awesome. Being able to participate and choose the direction was really great. She was also great with questions and discussion after the talk.

Thanks Lorna great talk i love the interactive way you conduct the talk and btw thanks for Git bisect !! :D that was amazing.