Composer The Right Way


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Sonny Savage at 18:13 on 6 Feb 2015


Nice and deep composer explanation.
Excelent spearker.

Engaging and informative

Great talk on composer. Good demonstration of the differences between install and update.

Excellent talk, very engaging!

Awesome job!

This talk should be mandatory for anybody wanting to use Composer!

Excellent speaker, the talk was fun and engaging and had tips for package creators and consumers of beginning to intermediate skill level. I particularly appreciated the sections on version specification, and licensing.

Anonymous at 18:18 on 7 Feb 2015

Informative and well-paced talk. Effective use of graphics on the slides.

Solid and informative talk on Composer. The section on versions was very nice. Thanks!

Very practical talk, takes much experience in the field to create.