HHVM Basics


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Anonymous at 12:21 on 7 Feb 2015

Thanks for introducing HHVM. Great talk.

Great introduction to Hack and HHVM.

Really good to know about hhvm and hack. She is a great speaker and make everything easy to undestand.

Very informative - especially the insight into Hack (although I loved the HHVM stuff too).

Fantastic talk. I'm excited to dig in to Hack

Great talk to get introduced in HHVM and Hack lang.
As usual Sara was an amazing speaker on the stage.

Clarified the differences between Hack and PHP. Thank you.

Great talk. Awesome speaker. Covering HACK and PHP differences was interesting and informative. Thank you!

Anonymous at 18:22 on 10 Feb 2015

Extremely informative, I really learned things in this talk.

Killer talk Sara thanks :D !!