Introduction To Continuous Integration With Jenkins


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Was expecting to be more focused in Jenkins as a CI, not so much in phpqa tools (

Good, very informative session on CI with Jenkins with a lot of side-tools involved.

Good talk, very informative. Delivery a little slow, but the info was great. I liked the emphasis on QA tools in combination with Jenkins, but some might have a problem with that if they already use those tools. Still, I learned a lot.

From a novice perspective was great. He even offer a vagrant image. If you already know about jenkins you will like all the QA tools and info. Maybe reduce the deep on the qa metrics and a kind of example on what you loose when you don't use a tool like this.

Need to have this talk earlier in the day.

Might also work better with live demos.

I ment to rate this a 4 out of 5.