REST API Best Practices


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Sonny Savage at 12:21 on 7 Feb 2015

Excellent life cycle advice

Anonymous at 12:33 on 7 Feb 2015

Anonymous at 13:45 on 7 Feb 2015

Need more real example and use cases as part of presentation

Anonymous at 14:16 on 7 Feb 2015

As someone who does a ton of work designing web APIs, there wasn't a single thing here I disagreed with! The focus on "APIs as Contracts" is a key point to take away. I found some of the slides to be a little text-heavy, which could have been tough to read from the back of the room. I think the description could have been clearer that the session was more about the "business process" of designing an API and not the nuts-and-bolts of REST.

That one was a nice blend of good practices to follow and neat tools to use when developing APIs. I wish though there was some time toward the end of the session dedicated to demonstrating some of the API-related tools like the API notebook and some of the mentioned API managers. That might be a good idea for a tutorial.