Congratulations! Your team has chosen a coding standard to use and you're well on your way to a consistent code style for all your projects. But... there are some extra things you'd like to check for, some rules you really can't be bothered with and some which sort of fit your needs, but not completely. Now what?

Come and learn how to make the PHP Codesniffer work for you and how to streamline the PHPCS related work-flow along the way.


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Superb talk! Juliette is an excellent speaker, great use of slides to illustrate points visually, and managed to make a great presentation in spite of multiple technical issues outside of her control. She presented a thorough overview of phpcs, and illustrated how it would be useful and implemented into existing projects. I've always shied away from phpcs as being overly 'fiddly' but this presentation made it clear how accessible the tool really is. Thanks!

Emily Stamey at 15:54 on 3 Feb 2017

A very great review of how to leverage phpcs for your own development or your team. The speaker had great familiarity with the material and what would be most useful to us. The room had several technical issues, but she handled them so well. The demos were clear and demonstrated the usefulness of the tool.

Will definitely try to get this into our CI process.