In this tutorial I will explain the differences between different types of noSQL databases as well as the CAP theorem. I will then progress to illustrate which paradigm shifts are necessary to successfully implement noSQL, using MongoDB as an example.

The approaches to schema design, fault tolerance, the network breaking and latency are all things that are inherent to scalability with noSQL solutions and with this talk you will learn how to use MongoDB effectively considering all the above mentioned situations.

Covered subjects will be: CAP theorem, schema design, dealing with error situations and architecture of multi-node set-ups.


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Great info, Derick obviously is very knowledgeable and approachable. I and others apparently missed some critical piece of the initial setup, so it was very difficult getting going with the first exercise in the time allotted. However, the concepts were clear enough, and I'm excited to try Mongo in my next project.

Joshua Sampia at 13:31 on 4 Feb 2017

I thought this was pretty informative. My only complaint was the large overhead of getting setup to do the tutorial steps without having come from a MongoDB environment.