HTTP/2 (H2) is coming, and along with it a whole new way of communicating over the web. Connection re-use, prioritization, multiplexing, and server push are just some of the features in H2.

In this talk we'll look at the HTTP/2 protocol, and at how we can use asynchronous request now with HTTP/1.x. We will also look at what asynchronous requests and H2 mean for your API and clients in the future.


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Really great talk, one of the best of the conference

Very well balanced talk of general information and concrete examples.

Eric Morris at 11:52 on 4 Feb 2017

Davey effectively demonstrated and argued for the effectiveness and use of HTTP/2 protocol for web rendering efficiency. I will be talking with our team about implementing this in our sites.

Eric Poe at 13:28 on 4 Feb 2017

The visual demo was a great way to show how H2 would benefit me and my employer. I liked the highlighting of differences between H1 and H2-ready code. Well done!

Emil Gallant at 09:39 on 5 Feb 2017

Davey crushed this presentation.The benefits of H2 are massive and I left his session with a plan to upgrade our servers and start using H2 ASAP.

Amanda Folson at 12:40 on 7 Feb 2017

As usual, Davey gave a well-researched, well-rehearsed talk about HTTP/2 and APIs. It's always nice to hear from the expert on both :P