Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to support an application built on an older framework. Refactoring isn't an easy option. The code is untested and nowhere near best practices or standards. In this session, we'll talk about strategies to incorporate modern PHP coding practices to add features and functionality and retiring the older code in pieces. We'll review specific examples and code from a real project where we bootstrapped a legacy application that needed a lot of help to become useful to its users and simpler for developers to maintain. We'll talk about strategies to leave the existing code in place until the new code is ready to replace it in whole or in pieces.


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Kylie Stradley at 12:18 on 4 Feb 2017

This was a technical talk but Emily kept it interesting and made it easy to follow. The talk had a clear beginning, middle and end which so many technical talks lack. I really appreciate the time put into this talk!

This was an interesting talk, but I felt too much time was spent on the specifics of the application domain, and too little time on the strategies on *how* the legacy application was 'bootstrapped'. For example, I didn't even realize that "Events" mentioned in the earlier presentation was referring to Event Sourcing until nearly the end of the presentation. Also, the linked slides are missing some of the code shown in the actual presentation. But Emily clearly knows her stuff, so maybe with some polishing this could be a top-notch talk.

Joshua Sampia at 14:46 on 4 Feb 2017

This talk was the opposite of what most people fall into. It was way too technical. Perhaps give more generalized concepts and relate them to your experience. Or at minimum, reference in the title or abstract which technologies or libraries you used to solve the problem so people will know what to expect.

Troy Potter at 21:41 on 4 Feb 2017

Very informative walkthough of making a legacy application new.

Mark Railton at 05:09 on 7 Feb 2017

Very technical (possibly maybe too technical?) but enjoyable as I always love to see what challenges others are coming up against and how they solve them.