Code reviews are great! They make sure that fix takes just a little bit longer to merge. And you get to correct everybody else’s mistakes instead of writing your own code. And you get to hear EVERYBODY’s opinion on whitespace, AGAIN! Wait... why do we do this again? Take it from somebody who has been doing it since before it was cool -- it’s all worth it. Join me to discover the secrets to getting the most out of code reviews within your professional team. We’ll talk about tangible benefits, common challenges, and practical strategies for a smooth and effective review process.


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The speaker gave practical examples and stories to help persuade. I think these tips will be useful for everyone in their careers.

Chris was a wonderful, engaging speaker. The topic was applicable to everyone, and he shared specific challenges and solutions to what can be a difficult situation. I can't wait to take what I learned back to work!

Chris was a funny and engaging speaker and this talk was packed with great information!

Dana Luther at 13:36 on 10 Feb 2018

Fantastic! The entire talk was engaging and easy to relate to. The examples of challenges and how to overcome them seemed spot on. The hurdle of the technical challenge was handled with great aplomb and if you missed the initial issue you’d never have known that there was a problem.

Pablo Benitez at 14:52 on 10 Feb 2018

Awesome, I took a lot of notes and have some homework to do with the team when Im back home. Great presentation, fun, and practical.

Scott Hardie at 17:20 on 11 Feb 2018

Good speech! I liked the practical examples, and the dashes of humor. My only advice is to introduce the concept of code reviews at the beginning -- you asked for a show of hands as to who wasn't doing reviews, then launched into specifics about how to improve reviews, without defining the concept for the uninitiated who had raised their hands.

I took extensive notes during this presentation. Having been on both sides of code reviews, it really does help to hear that some of the problems and frustrations I've felt are somewhat common. I think after having gone to this talk, I'm going to start looking at other code reviews on my team, and now I have some weapons for combating the issues that arise when giving/taking suggestions. Great talk!