Star Trek, NATO, and kids party games; all of these things have one thing in common, communications. As a developer, learning to properly communicate is second only to learning to code in importance. Many of us however, learn to communicate our ideas long after we learn to code.

In this opening talk, we'll discuss four important lessons to learn if you want to be able to properly and efficiently communicate your ideas with others.

Come join us for "Apple, Butter, Darmok: A communications primer for developers"


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Matt Trask at 10:20 on 9 Feb 2018

A great way to start the conference with an excellent keynote on empathy, communication and how to be better at both.

Good introduction talk to kick off the conference. The speaker used relevant examples and stories to help us understand.

Ryan Ballard at 11:32 on 9 Feb 2018


Joe Ferguson at 13:40 on 9 Feb 2018

Awesome talk with a clear message that developers need to communicate our ideas in a known language while taking the time to listen and understand our peers.

Ann Gaffigan at 15:33 on 9 Feb 2018

Great talk, Cal. This is a very important topic for all of us, and you're a very engaging speaker!

Dana Luther at 18:09 on 9 Feb 2018

I enjoyed this very much.

Andres Orav at 08:18 on 10 Feb 2018

Great talk, thank you!

Joshua Sampia at 10:09 on 10 Feb 2018

Always a great talk from Cal. Great communication style.

This year's theme is communication and Cal really hit the nail on the head with this oneh

Communication is super important, well explained and very interesting.

David Bisset at 11:35 on 10 Feb 2018

One of the best talks of his.

Pablo Benitez at 14:43 on 10 Feb 2018

Great talk, thanks for the history lesson!

Omni Adams at 07:28 on 11 Feb 2018

Great way to start a conference off, getting shouted at in Klingon. ;)

Jeff Madsen at 11:39 on 11 Feb 2018

I was so glad to see the focus on soft skills, and specifically "communication", as the topic for this conference.

Cal started things off with a great start. Very polished speaker, easy to listen to

Scott Hardie at 17:35 on 11 Feb 2018

This speech didn't seem as relevant specifically to developers as the description indicated, but I did like the humor and the focus on an underappreciated, undervalued skill in our line of work. Loved the Star Trek jokes; well chosen.

Scott Green at 09:45 on 12 Feb 2018

Very well done, I enjoyed it

Sonny Savage at 14:38 on 13 Feb 2018

Thanks, Cal!

It was a great one.