Did you know that the computer of the future does not have a keyboard or a mouse, and not even a monitor?

As the world takes steps towards this new world of computing, many different products are hitting the market to show how touch, motion sensors, and human biosensory inputs are becoming a reality. Learn which products you can start to integrate into your applications to be at the bleeding edge of innovation. Find out what the market is doing that may disrupt your current business and get inspired with new ideas of your own to beat the competition.

In this sneak peak at multiple technologies that are on the market today. Come and get your hands on some of the most exciting computing advances of today, including:

OpenBCI - Brain Computer Interface
Kinect Motion Sensors
Bare Conductive Touch
Arduino Sensors
Augmented Reality with Sphero
Microsoft Hololens
and more!


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Joshua Sampia at 10:15 on 10 Feb 2018

Your positivity was infectious and there is so much to digest. Thank you so much for all the resources.

Fantastic talk and complete overview of the IOT landscape and what the capabilities of this technology are. I really appreciate how your passion comes through in sharing your love of this technology and how we should all be considering its use and to be the next inventor of something really cool!

Jeremy Hennig at 13:46 on 12 Feb 2018

Great fun talk! Really enjoyed seeing what's out there.