In this workshop we'll cover different ways to test your PHP code. Our focus will be the tools and writing tests - we won't get caught up in all the testing dogma. Instead, we'll create a foundation in tools like PHPUnit, Mockery, and Codeception so you can make the decisions about what testing tools and strategies work best for you and your code. So if you're looking to start testing your PHP code, or learn other PHP testing tools, this workshop is for you.


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Dana Luther at 14:02 on 8 Feb 2018

This was a great tutorial. It was very engaging and easy to follow and I feel like I walked away with a much better understanding of how and when to use Mockery with my unit tests.

Ryan Ballard at 15:56 on 8 Feb 2018

Very nice beginner intro to PHPUnit and Mockery. I struggled setting up my environment (couldn't upgrade to php 7.0, or get composer running and other issues) and mostly user error, so I was not able to participate completely, but I still learned a lot. By later in the day I got the right environment up and was able to run some tests I wrote in the tutorial! I would highly recommend this tutorial for beginners, just get your environment setup first and basic understanding of how to run PHPUnit.

Ibis Fonte at 17:19 on 8 Feb 2018

I feel like I cannot make excuses anymore for not writing tests when I code. Jason made PHP testing easy to learn, and easy to learn how to implement. I'm all in!

I am truly grateful for how patient he was with the questions I asked and how insightful he is regarding testing overall.

This session was awesome!

Hey JMac! Thank you so much for an awesome tutorial on testing your PHP code. I really appreciated that you not only showed how to use PHPUnit and Mockery, but that you also gave a lot of the reasons why/how to effectively test your code. Excellent pacing as well!

Chad Grigsby at 10:02 on 10 Feb 2018

Wish we had time to get to integration testing but otherwise excellent talk. Thanks Jmac!

Mark Hiler at 11:15 on 10 Feb 2018

LVery good, laid back walkthrough about using PHPUnit and Mockery.

Great introduction to PHPUnit. Would have liked to see some more examples of how Mockery specifically integrates with PHPUnit. Didn't have time to look into Codeception, but gave a brief overview that made me want to investigate myself.

Scott Hardie at 17:57 on 11 Feb 2018

What a great tutorial session! This was hugely helpful (my team could do a whole lot more with this) and easy to follow, and fun. Given how similar Mock is to PHPUnit, I do wish that Mock had been glossed over quickly in favor of spending more time on Codeception, the truly different tool of the three and the most potentially promising for some specific business contexts.

david abraham at 10:40 on 12 Feb 2018

Great workshop, cant wwait to start using what i learned

Jeremy Hennig at 14:11 on 12 Feb 2018

Great tutorial, I learnt quite a bit. Time was well managed and the pace was perfect as I didn't get bored with a single concept.