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The options, tools, and technologies available to developers seems to be ever increasing in today’s development world. In fact, it's become almost overwhelming, even for those focused just focused on a particular area of development. Anxiety and confusion can effect one's professional career and mental health.

What People Will Learn
This talk will walk through simple but important steps that can apply to both beginner developers and senior developers in terms of how to determine what areas that they might want to focus in, and where they can go. Those that manage remote teams can also learn how to encourage developers and individuals on their teams.

Why It’s Important
Work/Life balance is important, but the "fear of missing out" is a powerful and many times an overwhelming emotion. Especially since many developers appreciate that they can't learn everything, especially if they have a family and social life. So many in our industry are overworked, fearful on some level, and feeling they are not putting the right priorities first.

My Experience With This Topic
It's simple - as a developer for 11+ years in the PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, tech conference, and other communities (and 25+ years in general)... as someone who has a family of three children and other responsibilities... I can personally relate.


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Eric Morris at 13:55 on 9 Feb 2019

I felt 10 years ago that employers asking for a ridiculous laundry list of skills and tools was getting overwhelming. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Chris Gearhart at 14:28 on 9 Feb 2019

Phenomenal talk! Working on a small Dev team, your talk was greatly appreciated as a lot of what you covered is very near and dear to what happens at our office. Really enjoyed it!

"we take the bite from the wrong side of the sandwich"—I don't even know how many times I have decided to approach a problem one way, climb over every mountain, and when I'm all done... there was a much easier way that it could have been done. (It's usually the documented way. Oops.)

Adrian Burden at 14:52 on 9 Feb 2019

Well presented, liked how personal you made your presentation. Did a great job after lunch!

Ravi Gehlot at 12:12 on 10 Feb 2019

I really enjoyed your talk! I could correlate to a lot of what you said because I have asked myself the same questions and have had some of the same thoughts/ideas that you shared. I got home and hugged my daughter, you got 3 to hug..enjoy! #SunPHP19

Brian Johnson at 17:41 on 10 Feb 2019

This talk provided some good, specific suggestions. I, in particular, plan to negotiate for the 4 hrs/week to work on open source and/or personal learning/growth in the future.

Peter Fisher at 20:58 on 10 Feb 2019

One of the best talks at Sunshine and it had 0 lines of code in it!
I also really liked how you did your slides very good contrast.

Sonny Savage at 09:09 on 11 Feb 2019

I walked away with not only the desire to reduce my overload but also some practical tools. Thank you!

There is so much to learn and there's always more on the horizon. Taking care of yourself in a very demanding environment is important, and this talk hit home quite a few times.

Shane jessop at 18:15 on 11 Feb 2019

David thank you! This was a great talk on a subject that is often forgotten or overlooked. I'd like to review the content and share it with my dev team. Could you share your slides?

Hernan Leon at 11:36 on 1 Mar 2019

Hi David, I was going over my notes from the talk and I would really like to share them at my company. Would it be possible to post the presentation?

David Bisset (Speaker) at 12:19 on 1 Mar 2019

I have added the slides to the talk description above. Thank you! Ping me @dimensionmedia on Twitter if you need anything further.