A/B testing? Canary Rollouts? Service maintenance windows? All of these and more can be controlled dynamically by using feature flags. In this presentation, we'll go over the benefits of feature flags and demonstrate how to effectively incorporate them into your codebase and workflows. You don't need a fancy service to make this happen - there are several php libraries you can use. In this scenario, I will demonstrate the Swivel library using a MySQL database.


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Great talk. Overall, nicely timed. I think the existing material could be condensed a bit, and it would be interesting to see more practical / less contrived and more advanced examples of using and maintaining feature flags.

Bryce Embry at 13:21 on 7 Feb 2020

I appreciated the simplified, didactic examples to demonstrate the concepts. Overall, it was an effective and helpful presentation.

Katy Ereira at 14:28 on 8 Feb 2020

I already use feature flagging in my work, but you definitely covered a few examples of where they might come in useful that I had never considered before - so thank you for that! I felt that the talk was well paced and would have been very helpful for people who had never used feature flags.

Joshua Sampia at 09:46 on 9 Feb 2020

It would be nice to see some examples that weren't so closely tied to Google analytics, such as feature (canary) rollouts to high profile customers.

Very well-paced, professional-level talk. Could easily be expanded into a workshop. I do agree with the other commented that some of the material could be condensed, and then go a little further into the details with a case study or more real-world examples. Still, a great talk.