The paradox: I can't test this code because it's legacy. I need to refractor the code to make it testable. How can I manage that, without breaking existing functionality? I'll need to write some tests, but... argh! We've all been there! In this talk we'll look at safe ways to refactor and test 'untestable' code - without breaking any existing functionality. Promise!


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ROBERT A GADON at 12:19 on 7 Feb 2020

Fun presentation on a serious, complex technical topic. Useful approaches for maintaining legacy codebase. Katy was focused, concise, organized, and fun! Slides were good: good color balance, playful use of GIFs and cultural references, and code examples were easy to view.

This is an introductory-to-mid-level talk, but the content is good. PHPUnit, supporting libraries like Mockery and vfsStream, concepts like mocks and dependency injection, handling cases like direct output vs. returning values and functions with side effects like exit(), etc. Try to speak more loudly and a bit more slowly, though!

Joshua Sampia at 09:48 on 9 Feb 2020

I had no problem with your speaking style and found the examples quite humorous (regardless of your political persuasion). I think humor in complex topics makes them easier to understand. I thought the examples were excellent, easy to follow.

A bit slow at first, but I actually got quite a number of good ideas from this talk, and the humorous examples were brilliant.