In the context of information security, social engineering is a practice that can help hackers to acquire personal information, insights, and access. Social engineering techniques can also be used by hackers and non-hackers alike to become more skilled at observing the people around them and making informed decisions that are based on these observations. In this session, you will learn how to take a social engineering approach towards improving your team dynamics, including:

- Strategies for assessing your team's current strengths and areas of improvement.

- Recommendations for developing an action plan to initiate change, and using ongoing observation techniques to effectively manage change.

- Best practices for resolving conflict, particularly for team members with different communication styles.


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Bryce Embry at 08:11 on 8 Feb 2020

Useful information presented in an engaging way.

ROBERT A GADON at 11:18 on 8 Feb 2020

Here are some points that come mind about your talk:

- You're warm, personable, and you invite listening.

- You're socially observant and aware. That's a useful skill set among people who build software that is undervalued.

- Good use of Incorporating recent personal experiences to introduce and develop your topic.

- You put the talk in terms of ‘engineering’, which is probably a good context for this audience.

- Good use of culteral references (e.g. characters from the ‘The Office’ tv-series ) to highlight different approaches to interacting with coworkers.

- Could have wrapped up a little sooner. You acknowledge that given the opportunity that you like to talk ( a natural inclination for extroverts). Use that self-knowledge to be a little more concise.

Omni Adams at 13:31 on 8 Feb 2020

Great delivery style, seemed so calm. Really looking forward to getting into people's rooms using the techniques you talked about. ;)

Katy Ereira at 14:23 on 8 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your insight with us, Olivia - I'd never considered using observation and social engineering for conflict resolution. I'll definitely take this information home! I also really liked your presentation style; laid back with some humour. :)

Miril Terolli at 19:29 on 9 Feb 2020

This is one of the talks that we all need to participate. Very valuable, highly recommended!
Thank you Olivia :).

Loved the talk and wow, Olivia is one of those polished speakers who makes most other speakers seem a little amateurish. At first I was thinking the social engineering angle seemed a little tenuous, but I noticed how much the devs in the room were picking up on it, so obviously it was hitting the right note for the target audience.