Cryptography for the Average Developer


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Great info and well delivered. Every developer who is even remotely interested in crypto should attend this.

This is a must talk for any PHP developer dealing with encrypted user data. Excellent execution by Anthony.

Great speaker with great information on cryptography & password hashing.

Excellent overview for developers where passwords or data that needs to be presented. He related to PHP but it applies to all programming languages.

Excellent talk very well prepared and approachable for any developer.

Great talk. Solid, important information, with solutions presented. Relaxed delivery. Only critique I'd say is go back and look at the video and find the things you forgot, and add them into the presentation/notes somehow. Well done though, I hope be that calm presenting someday.

Well executed, great information; even if you aren't overly interested in crypto you should still see this talk.

i really enjoyed this talk and appreciate the work anthony did to present a really complex and oft-misunderstood topic. i can now say i understand the difference between hashing vs encrpytion

Great talk! Very informative and well prepared. You may want to spend a little more time in the future explaining that the salt is included in the resulting hash. Many developers are used to storing the salt in a separate column or at the application level and there seemed to be some confusion or expectation of magic in finding the salt. Overall, five stars.

Very informative, Anthony is very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject matter.

Despite his warnings, i am going to try this at home.

Hands down the best talk at the conference for me. Anthony is extremely knowledgable and his presentation was both clear and concise. This talk was jam packed with essential information for all PHP developers!

Impeccably delivered, great content, awesome resources at the end. One of the best talks I have ever seen! Anthony Smashed this one out of the park!

Raises the level of an IQ up a few notches. Great talk..