DOs and DON’Ts of MongoDB


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Thorough explanation of mongodb concepts and practices but somewhat light on the details of php integrations.

Great delve into MongoDB practices, from replication and sharding to indexing and schema design. Jeremy provides good illustrative examples, seems confident in his knowledge of the material, and maintains great tone and pacing in his presentation.

Fast paced, awesome. Great for those of us not in the know.

Good presentation, found it informative as a first introduction to MongoDB. Jeremy is enjoyable to listen to and his presentation was engaging.

great insights from jeremy, who is very entertaining and informative. Picked up on a lot of the latest happenings and best practices for the new MongoClient driver.

Informative and enjoyable talk. You kept things moving at a nice pace and seemed to connect well to the audience.

Thanks for all the details, we hope to be able to start testing our MongoDb solutions soon!

Some very solid examples and anecdotes for use with MongoDB.

I'm only slightly familiar with MongoDB, but I took away some advice great for relational databases too. The ideas on denormalization are great and worth noting for many normalized-obsesssed developers. I was able to take some good notes and bookmark some ideas for if/when I use MongoDB in the future. Your delivery style is great and continually engaging. I was never bored.