Functional PHP


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Really nice presentation about functional programming concepts and specifically about how to use the in php. Slides were a bit tough to read from the back but larry is a really clean speaker who knows his stuff.

Anonymous at 11:16 on 8 Feb 2013

Would have liked less history of FP and more real world functional php code.

Great tak. A lot oof people in my company can benefitt from it!

Good concepts for generating code with fewer bugs.

Sir, mind = blown.

Wonderful way to show that PHP has advanced capabilities outside the banal business of building web sites.

I liked Crell speaking about functional code in a way that I was able to understand. Sorry about your throat man, I know that sucks. You did a superb job in spite of your voice problems. I liked very much how you translated the wikipedia-like documentation into single sentences that a 5 year old toddler could understand. Excellent job! That was the best you could do for your audience for that I give you 5.

The historical background was enjoyable to hear about, but I think the audience would have preferred more practical application of the concepts. Examples given were simple enough to introduce concepts, but not really enough to show how they might be applied in a real world setting or how they might affect readability or maintainability of code. That said, Larry is very versed in the subject matter and delivered it in a way that was understandable to the average developer, which is difficult to do for the concepts that were reviewed in this presentation. For that, I give him props.

An excellent introduction into a complex and confusing topic.