Introducing Tests in Legacy PHP Applications


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good talk. Would like to have had more details on using Behat though.

Good talk. Ran a little short but questions filled in the time nicely.

More people need this information. Could have used a few more examples of features to fill out the time.

Great info for a topic all developers will encounter in their career. I liked that you cited a book to give people a place to reference beyond your presentation.

Like some questions that came up at the end, perhaps explain more about the technologies under Behat and other options for doing end-to-end tests. While Behat is a great tool and you use it at your company, it's probably not likely that devs attending the talk will have used it, and maybe not even heard of it or the concept of BDD, Gherkin, etc. Maybe find a tool that's more accessible for devs so they could feel more confident in tackling the daunting task of starting to test their applications without having to build up all their knowledge with everything surrounding Behat.

Ran a little bit short, but the topic is something that everyone has dealt with or is currently dealing with. I really appreciated your passion for the topic and your real life scenarios. It was a good practical introduction to Behat and Mink for me. It would have been good to see some more detailed info on Behat, however it didn't take away from the presentation. Great job!

Jeff has it all man, great sense of humor mixed with smart slides and content.