Lightning Talk


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Awesome! Very entertaining, and super fast.

a lightning talk about lightnings. really loved it!

lightning bolt - instant speed ftw!

Anonymous at 17:23 on 10 Feb 2013

Not sure why this talk happened. Didn't seem to have a purpose and seemed like an act for attention.

great way to finish things up.

I felt as if I had, in fact, been hit by lightening.

Just as funny as I hoped.

To "Anonymous" you aught to have your funny bone checked out. I think it's broken.

Fun break in the flow, but whoever it was in the audience was right... setup took longer than the talk. 8^)

I think Jeremy was funny. He is rapid speaker, I am lucky to catch up with him in some things. I am actually not sure why we rate this. But in any case "anonymous" is wrong :)

great talk, saw it in Toronto, just as entertaining this time around