Opening Keynote


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always awesome to hear rasmus talk

Awesome presentation.

Rasmus is a good speaker and very current on the direction of PHP.

Great keynote, excellent to hear more about the direction of PHP!

Great keynote, excellent to hear more about the direction of PHP!

Great talk - very appreciated.

It was great seeing some of the origin of how PHP came about, and seeing what is hopefully in store for the future of PHP!

Great talk from a great guy.

Some interesting information about the history of PHP and future plans. A treat to hear it from the father of PHP.

Amazing talk on the history and future of PHP.

Excellent keynote!

Good! First time I have managed to see Rasmus speak at a conference and this keynote lived up to expectations. Thanks!

Excellent opener for an excellent conference.

Great talk, it was awesome see the guy who created PHP talking about it, excellent keynotes, couldn't be better!!!

Anonymous at 11:06 on 11 Feb 2013

Rasmus is always entertaining and full of wonderful insights into the foundation and direction of PHP.

I really enjoyed this. It was great to hear some of the history of PHP and to better understand the decisions that were made (in 1993 no less!). So many of them make sense now (i.e., map to the arguments to the C method arguments since everyone was using C... it would have been dumb to do it differently).

Thanks for coming to this event, Rasmus!