Silex, the Microframework


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Ben gave a demo of how to implement Silex and some of the components and cache feature with this simple prototyping framework.

Good talk by Ben. Straight to the point just like this framework.

really good walkthrough.

Overall this talk just reinforced my aversion to the symfony. IMHO Silex, has a ton of ceremony involved for what is supposed to be a simple microframework. Ben did preface this by saying that Silex is a good first step into the symfony ecosystem (for better or worse) and I think he's right on the money there. Overall a good talk.

As someone who had no experience with Silex I found this to be a great intro. The presentation was well structured to cover the basics of Silex as well as get into some of the more advanced use cases.

Awesome new tech and procedures, i think this is more effective when understanding how Varnish works and other Symfony features.

Will definitely look into Symfony more.

Lots of good info and demonstrations.

Ben's overview of Silex was enjoyable and thorough!

It was great to see how quickly a solid application can be built with a little bit of code. I'm sold on Silex thanks to Ben!