Talk comments

Since I am quite familiar with Vagrant, the most interesting part of the talk was ansible.

It would be nice to get some more technical information about both solutions, but the end goal was to run a Symfony project. Since that worked: good talk.

Good talk, a few slides would help to make more sense out of it, but in the end it was very nice to actually see code (see we can see it is doable).

Very inspiring talk. Would be nice to have it on slides and maybe a small code sample?

Really interesting introduction. Some technical hiccups during the demo, but that's what happens I guess?

An interesting talking point would be the difference between ansible, chef and puppet and maybe why one would pick Ansible over the other two.

Really interesting talk. It was a bit overwhelming for me and I felt slightly stupid at times, but otherwise, really interesting.

It would be interesting to see some of the diagrams on slides, instead of the whiteboard (legibility etc).