Being dangerous with Twig


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Not dangerous at all but friendly easy and powerful.

Awesome talk from Ryan, thanks.

you wasn't boring and your presentation was interesting and simple ! thanks.

Can't wait to get neck deep into this stuff! Lovely.

About the international question, I only didn't answer the question because I didn't know the answer at that moment. It wasn't a refusal, I just didn't have any information to offer.

It's definitely an important topic. Talking with a few people, the answer is that if you need localization of the date, *you* should create the localized DateTime object and pass it into your template. If you pass the DateTime object into the filter, Twig will simply use it. So, like much in Twig - put the logic into your controller (not Twig) and it should work fine.

So, I hope you still try it out - I think you'll really like it :)

P.S. - I think there's a bug in - I had to rate my own talk to comment :p!

Thoughtful and witty.

Very nice presentation. I'm convinced to give Twig a try.
Thanks! :)

Very good, with clear and easy to understand code exemple. One of my favorite talks. Thanks

Great talk, great guy and such a pro!

freaking good man, template engines are so boring: this talk made twig funny!

Great talk, great guy, just making you want to immediatly dive into Twig.

This was one of the highlights for me, full of energy and content!
Will definitely be digging into Twig some more!

Hi Ryan, I have a question. Slide 66 you show an example of how to change the Lexar, changing the {% to the tag [do]

Is there a way to change the syntax for block and enblock?

I searched the sandbox code for 'block

The closest I found was \src\vendor\twig\lib\Twig\TokenParser\Block.php

line 58 has function decideBlockEnd, where it appears to search for the string 'endblock'. Is this the spot where I could change it to 'blockend' ?

I prefer to write my template markup in this style:

{% block_start body %}
<li>bullet 1</li>
<li> bullet 100</li>
{% block_end body %}

I think it would help template designers keep track of which block was ending, if the block_end had the suffix of the block name

Cool talk. At the start I was concerned about the learning curve of not doing templates with php. By the end I was convinced I could turn any of my php templates in to twig in about 60 seconds :) So mission accomplished Ryan.

Reread the talk on slideshare and I had forgotten how good it was. Entertaining, informative, and easy to follow, even when just using the slides!