Speedy App: Frontend Performance Considerations


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i like it, just add some examples of the counter effects of the "rules". ie more complexity in image management for the css sprites, or add cdn != make few http reqs

Although Pierre spoke about things which are not new for most of the guys in here it was an interesting talk. Good presenter can talk about anything in an interesting and fun way.

Very interesting talk. Covering a complex subject in few time. Your slides where very clear, just enough informations to follow your talk. IMO your were one of the best speaker of the conf...

It says : "we'll look at JavaScript optimizations in greater detail." and we didn't (i choosed this session, just because of that phrase)
Anyway i'm rating your session pretty well, because of the nice slides and your dynamism, and not rating it too well because everything was really really not deep enought (too basic)

presentation style was really good, and i liked the slides (had a good laugh about the guy complaining on slideshare about the "font" you use :-)
i think the level of depth for each of the topics was about right, more details would have meant less topics.

you would get full points from me if you had not promised too much (about the second part with javascript). but @cygui actually pierre announced he won't have time for that right at the beginning, so you where warned.