phpBB4: Building end-user applications with Symfony2


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Excellent talk. Good overview of the phpBB project including the (early) history (oh the good old days!). Also well supported arguments on why phpBB wanted to use Symfony2 for their next major version.

Definitely a good talk. Loving the history lesson of phpBB, and a great hint - wrapping requests with Symfony2 allows you to place it almost anywhere in your existing projects. Awesome!

Nice talk & excellent choice.

Nice talk, cool example of Symfony2 and Joomla integration, looking forward to phpBB4!

Great talk and a nice example of integrating Symfony2 with Joomla!

thanks for the context you set in the presentation, thoughts behind Symfony2 for phpBB4 and how you mixed in Joomla in the solution. Who said that CMS's can't play nice with phpBB huh? ;)